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Water-Falling for North Conway

Mar 15 2022

North Conway is a scenic haven of peaceful hiking trails and breathtaking waterfalls. Hit the trails with your family; reconnect, breathe in the fresh air and take in these stunning sites. Then, come back to the Red Jacket Mountain View Resort and enjoy a different kind of waterfall at Kahuna Laguna indoor water park!

Here are our top nearby waterfall picks:

Diana’s Baths - Bartlett (6 miles)

Our favorite recommendation, this is an easy one-mile round-trip hike. Fed from Big Attitash Mountain to Lucy’s Brook, Diana’s Baths features a cascading 75-foot drop as well as small plunges and refreshing pools. During the drier months, the flow isn’t as strong allowing guests to stand under some of the smaller falls for a fun shower.

Thompson Falls - Pinkham’s Grant (8 miles)

A sequence of cascades on Thompson Brook, the lower falls is definitely the most popular. The falls cascade over a rock ledge in the shape of a clam shell. With careful navigation and a willingness to get wet, you can climb behind the falls and sit under the ledge for a different perspective and a great photo-op. Below, take a refreshing (i.e., cold!) dip in the crystal clear pool.

Glen Ellis Falls - Jackson (17 miles)

A short half-mile round-trip hike, the steep trail will give you a bit of a workout. But the unique, left-leaning 64’ cascade plunging into a beautiful emerald green pool is absolutely worth the effort! Swimming is not allowed. Leashed dogs are permitted.

Diana's Baths
Diana's Baths

Nancy Cascades - Livermore (19 miles)

Fed by the waters of Nancy Pond, the cascades are divided into a lower and upper falls that total 300’ - the tallest in New England. The lower trail is 4.8 miles round-trip, is moderately steep and has a refreshing swimming pond at the base of the lower falls.

Arethusa Falls - Livermore (21 miles)

This is a family-friendly, moderate hike totaling 3 miles round-trip with blue blazes signs making it easy to follow. This is the tallest single cascade in the White Mountains. You can’t see the top of the falls giving the magnificent illusion that the cascade is falling from the sky. Leashed dogs are permitted.

Ripley Falls - Harts Location (23 miles)

The soothing sound of the cascade can be heard while walking this short, moderate-terrain, one-mile round-trip hike.The 100-foot sheet of whitewater flowing over a smooth rock wall is truly magical.


Arethusa Falls
Arethusa Falls, courtesy Dennis Walsh & Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Lower Falls - Albany (12 miles)

A popular stop along the Kancamagus Highway, Lower Falls doesn’t boast any large cascades. Instead, numerous smaller falls and swimming holes make this a special place to splash and swim. Easy access with plenty of parking and just a short drive from Sabbaday Falls.

Champney Falls - Albany (16 miles)

Flowing from the side of Mt. Chocorua, this 3-mile round-trip hike reveals a series of small cascades with many drops and pools that are great for swimming. If you decide to continue on the trail, you can climb right to the top of Mt. Chocorua.

Rocky Gorge - Albany (14 miles)

An easy walk takes you along the Swift River and over a foot bridge to an ideal vantage point. This 15 -foot plume is one of the most photographed in the area. On the other side of the bridge, a short walk brings you to Falls Pond, a popular fishing area.

Sabbaday Falls
Sabbaday Falls, courtesy Dan Houde & Mt. Washington Valley Chamber of Commerce

Sabbaday Falls - Waterville Valley (21 miles)

Allegedly carved over 10,000 years ago by a melting glacier, this is one of the most popular waterfalls in New Hampshire. Stroll along the easy paths while enjoying the soothing sounds of a series of cascades in a narrow flume. Be sure to pack a picnic to enjoy while you’re there. This trail is handicap-accessible. Leashed dogs are permitted.

North Conway is in the heart of all these amazing opportunities to connect with nature. Round out your getaway by taking advantage of our value-added overnight packages and splash in our very own waterfalls at Kahuna Laguna indoor water park.