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Summah Chowdah!

Jul 8 2021

Thick and creamy, thin and succulent, Clam Chowder is a must while on Cape Cod!

Blue Water Chowder

Cape Cod is known for its delicious clam chowder. Unlike the tomato-based Manhatten version, this creamy New England staple has been perfected on Cape Cod! With slight variations at different restaurants, it's certainly worth your while to sample a few while you're here - you're taste buds will thank you for it! Here are a few of our favorites...

Captain Parker's Pub

Cape Cod's regular Triple Crown Chowder Championship winner, meaning Captain Parker's chowder has scored a blue ribbon in Boston, Cape Cod, and Newport competitions all in the same year (and multiple times to boot!), as well as being featured on the Food Network and even mentioned in a question on Jeopary! Try a cup alongside their delicious stuffed quahog for a delightful combo.

Captain Parker's Chowder

Kream 'n Kone

Kream 'n Kone's relaxed clam shack atmosphere is a perfect stop after a day at the beach. Not too thick and not too thin, their flavorful clam chowder is just the thing to go with a basket of their fried clams. Made from scratch, Kream 'n Kone sells their chowder by the cup, bowl, or quart size to bring home.

Skipper Chowder House

Located just steps away from our Red Jacket Beach Resort, the Skipper is one of the few Triple Crown winners for outstanding chowder. What makes this restaurant special, aside from the friendly staff, is their luscious Fried Clam Chowdah. As featured on the Travel Channel's Food Paradise, this one-of-a-kind creation features their delicious recipe transformed into clam chowder cakes coated with panko breadcrumbs and deep-fried.

Skipper Chowder House

Black Cat Tavern

Unique, yet still amazing is the Black Cat's clam chowder. Thick and creamy with subtle hints of smoky bacon and onion, this savory creation will leave you craving more. Located on Ocean Street at Hyannis Harbor, after your meal, take a stroll through Aselton Park, along the harbor, and visit the Artist Shanties brimming with gorgeous local artistry.

Blue Water Resort

What could be better than noshing on this local specialty while seated at an outdoor waterfront bar enjoying the gorgeous Cape Cod beach view? That's right, you don't have to go far at all to savor our very own, delectable Red Jacket clam chowder. Relax in one of our resort dining rooms, or for the ultimate Cape Cod clam chowder experience, take a seat at our waterfront Blue Water Surfside Grille and gaze out over beautiful Lewis Bay while enjoying a taste of Cape Cod in a bowl.

New England Clam Chowder