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Stress-Free Holiday Planning (Hint: Start Now!)

We certainly don't want to rush this fabulous season of crisp clear weather, cozy sweaters, cute boots, pumpkin spice lattes and football games. We love all of that as much as you do! However, we figure it's our job to help make your life easier and more fun. And advance holiday planning is one way we know that will definitely help.

family in the autumn

We all want to enjoy the truly special moments of the upcoming fall and winter holidays, yet once they're upon us we find ourselves distracted and running in circles, trying to check off to-do lists and the next thing you know the occasion has come and gone. This year can be different. Start now with some advance planning, know you don't have to do EVERYTHING yourself and consider creating some new holiday traditions.


Imagine how relaxing it will be for you and your family to sit back as the culinary team at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort prepares an incredibly delicious Thanksgiving dinner for you – no need to cook or clean up. Use your free time to explore the Mount Washington Valley area, get an early start on holiday shopping at the dozens of outlets at Settler's Green or check out the unique boutiques in the center of North Conway, named one of the “Best Small Town Main Streets in America” by Take a fall hike or swim and play in our 84 degree Kahuna Laguna indoor water park with fun slides and a giant wave pool. You'll be especially thankful this year when you leave all the cooking and family-fun planning to us!

Fun Fact: Thanksgiving is all about gratitude and family. We're grateful that in 2018 Trivago included Red Jacket Mountain View Resort on their list of “The Best Resorts for a Multigenerational Family Vacation." 

Did you know? If you live in the North Conway area, you can still be a part of the resort's Thanksgiving Dinner tradition as a certain number of reservations are held for our favorite local residents. Click here for dates, rates and details.

Journey to the North Pole

You've probably read The Polar Express to your kids a hundred times or have seen the movie (more than once!). Make it fun for the whole family by actually living it for one night. Dress up in your PJs (not required but excellent excuse to wear PJs in public and your kids will get a kick out of it, not to mention the classic photo opportunities) and ride the train (yes, an actual train) to Santa's Workshop as you “Journey to the North Pole!” Sip hot chocolate and try Santa's favorite treats, listen to a reading of the “Night Before Christmas” poem and meet Santa himself. And if one of your wishes was a fun time with your family playing in an indoor water park, you're in luck! Ride the water slides and splash and swim in the giant wave pool at our on-site Kahuna Laguna, tropically themed with a constant temperature of 84 degrees.

Fun Fact: Every ticket in The Polar Express movie has 1225 on it. 1225 was the model number of a train, and is also the date of Christmas (12-25)

Did you know? Tom Hanks voiced six characters in The Polar Express movie. He was the voice of the Grown-Up Hero Boy, the Father, the Conductor, the Hobo, Scrooge, and Santa Claus. Click here for dates, rates and details.

The Ultimate Santa Experience

Ho Ho Ho! Can't get enough of Santa, Christmas and all things red, green and festive? The brand new Ultimate Santa Experience is for you. Breakfast with the elves each morning, nightly story time with Santa (and cookies!), a chance to write a letter to Santa at the North Pole and send it via the special priority access mailbox, and tickets to the always popular Santa's Village, where every day is Christmas. There are 23 themed rides including “Rudy's Rapid Transit Coaster” and “The Great Humbug Adventure” as well as three theaters and a chance to visit Santa in his home and even sit in his rocking chair. If you need a little break from all the holiday fun and think a few hours in the tropics would help, you'll be happy to hear this package includes unlimited access to the 84 degree Kahuna Laguna on-site indoor water park with water slides and a giant wave pool.

Fun Fact: The most popular cookies left out for Santa Claus are chocolate chip and Oreo cookies.

Did you know? The name Santa Claus is based on the Dutch name Sinterklaas, which is a contracted form of St. Nicholas. In the 17th century, the Dutch brought the name with them to America. Click here for dates, rates and details.

The Christmas Present

Sometimes the best gift is time. Time to spend with people you care about, taking a walk, playing a board game, having cocoa and cookies or laughing about funny stories. Give yourself and your family the gift of a cozy, fun Christmas in the mountains. We've planned dozens of family-friendly activities including cookie decorating, bonfires and more. We're preparing a delicious Christmas dinner (no cooking or cleaning for you!) and we'll even give you a seasonal gift. Wishing you were somewhere tropical? Come in from the winter wonderland and enjoy our 84 degree on-site Kahuna Laguna indoor water park. Take time during this holiday to relax and enjoy quality time with your family – leave the planning and logistics to us!

Fun Fact: The poinsettia, a traditional Christmas flower, originally grew in Mexico, where it is also known as the ‘Flower of the Holy Night'. Joel Poinsett first brought it to America in 1829.

Did you know? The popular Christmas song “Jingle Bells” was actually written for Thanksgiving. The song was composed in 1857 by James Pierpont, and was originally called “One Horse Open Sleigh”. Click here for dates, rates and details.

New Year's Eve

It's a party! Make New Year's Eve as much fun for your kids as it is for all the grownups. We're busy planning all the fun – a family party, games and entertainment. Celebrate early or stay up late, the best part is it's all in one place so there's no need to leave the resort. Start with dinner while you watch the snow fall outside and then let the festivities begin. There's even an onsite indoor water park (yes – always 84 degrees!). Combine the outdoor fun of winter with the indoor tropical atmosphere of Kahuna Laguna and get ready for a fun kickoff to your new year. We've already started our countdown and are excited to have you join us!

Fun Fact: The dropping of the New Year's Ball in Times Square is actually a pretty new tradition that only started in 1907. Though currently the ball is made of Waterford Crystal, it was originally made of wood and iron.

Did you know? Spanish tradition is to eat 12 grapes at midnight of 31st December. While eating these grapes, Spaniards will make wishes. This tradition is believed to bring good luck for those who practice it. Click here for dates, rates and details.

Note: Each of the above resort packages includes accommodations, daily breakfast and admission to our on-site 40,000 sq. ft. indoor water park in addition to the experiences described above. And some even have some added surprises – click the links above for full details and inclusions. All packages have limited availability so it's best to book early.  

More Time-Saving, Stress-Reducing Holiday Tips

Holiday Cards

Choose a summer photo or take a fall photo and order your holiday cards now. Create an address list in your computer so you can easily print out labels; the initial time it takes the first year will pay off in the future as you will only have to add or delete a few addresses each year to keep it up to date.

Holiday Recipes

Find two or three easy recipes now and plan to stick to them throughout the season and if possible make them in advance.  If you're planning a holiday party, make it a potluck theme with each guest bringing their signature dish.

Holiday Gifts

Try a theme this year's gift giving. Play “Secret Santa” with each family member drawing a name from a hat and buying a gift for the selected person. Try the gift of “giving” where you give a donation to a charitable organization you choose in the recipients name. Or make it a “homemade” holiday where everyone must make their own gifts to give -- from baking cookies to knitting scarves or stacking cookie ingredients in mason jars (although this “homemade” theme may lead to less time and more stress!).