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How to Build Your Own DIY Cape Cod Wellness Retreat

Sep 19 2019

A little R&R, anyone?

Now that the bustling summer is over, the kids are back to school and the fall is starting to set in, it’s the perfect time to take a few days on Cape Cod to rest, relax and realign for the remainder of the year.

PopSugar’s Angela Anagost-Repke went on a wellness retreat and it opened her eyes to a new way of travel.

“I've learned that vacations don't have to be filled with drinks, the sun, too much food, and soaking up every single experience you can — coming home with a new, healthy mindset means so much more.” 

We’re with you, Angela! 

With ample yoga studios, healthy eateries, hikes, beaches and spas, the Cape will be the perfect place for your DIY autumn wellness retreat -- you could even bring along a few friends to make it a true group outing.

Here are our must-experience components of a Cape Cod wellness retreat:

Take a Yoga Class

There are a bunch of fitness and yoga studios across the Cape, most of which are just a short drive from our resorts. Power Yoga of Cape Cod, Yoga Center of Cape Cod and The Moving Meditation Yoga are in Dennis, the town next door to Yarmouth (where all five of our Cape Cod resorts are located). Other popular studios like Just Be Yoga Studio and Evoke Yoga are a bit further away in Hyannis, but well worth the drive. 

According to Gaia, yoga during busy periods, like the holidays or a trip, can help you maintain health, be worry-free, lift your mood, and even sleep better.

In the warmer months, Red Jacket Resorts offer beach yoga on a weekly basis and many of the mentioned studios have beach or outdoor classes so you can enjoy the benefits of nature and flow at once. 

Indulge in a Massage

Did you know massage helps to reduce depression, anxiety and fatigue? That means a vacation away from all of your daily routines can be the perfect time to book a massage and get back to being your best self. 

Red Jacket Beach Resort features its very own spa, with a variety of massages for singles and couples, including Swedish, deep tissue, and even a “Mama Mia” massage for expectant mothers. 

Other local spas offering massages include Salon 700 and Solstice Day Spa in Hyannis, as well as Le Petite Day Spa in Chatham. 

Get Close to Nature

Experiencing the wonders of the natural world while on vacation - what could be better than that, especially on Cape Cod? Smarter Travel put together a list of the benefits of being outdoors while on a getaway, and some of them make us want to get outside right now: Nature travel increases your attention span, boosts creativity and even offers a reset. 

When you stay at a Red Jacket Resort, nature is at your fingertips. Four of our resorts are beachfront, with private spans of ocean lapping at guests’ feet. They include Red Jacket Beach Resort, Blue Water Resort, Riviera Beach Resort and Green Harbor Resort. Our fifth resort, Blue Rock, is a golf resort, which is tucked away in a beautiful residential neighborhood where birds and other wildlife can be heard throughout the day. 

Other wonderful places to visit beyond our resorts include hiking trails, cranberry bogs, the open ocean, biking the Cape Cod Rail Trail and even vineyards that encourage you to explore their vines. 

Try New (Healthy) Foods

Vacations are the perfect time to eat foods you don’t usually eat, and on Cape Cod that can sometimes mean fried seafood (yum), clam chowder (double yum) and ice cream (duh). But why not change it up and try something a little lighter on your DIY retreat? 

Our on-site restaurants offer fit alternatives to everyday meals, including nutrient-packed breakfasts and hearty salads and lunches. We’re also close to restaurants like breakfast-and-lunch spot Spoon and Seed in Hyannis, which features farm-to-table cuisine in a casual atmosphere, and the to-go items at Rory’s Organic Market (formerly Dennis Organic Market) in Dennis can’t be beat. 

Practice Mindfulness & Get Plenty of Sleep

A wellness retreat isn’t supposed to be the type of vacation where you’re constantly on-the-go, although trying to do all of the things on your list could make it feel that way. Make sure to remind yourself why you’re here (or wherever you decide to go) and practice mindfulness. 

One of the key benefits of “mindfulness meditation — a mind-calming practice that focuses on breathing and awareness of the present moment” — is that it can make falling asleep (and staying that way) much easier, according to the Harvard Health Blog.

Apps like Calm can help you practice mindfulness and meditation at your pace, or you can learn about it through books and blogs, like’s “Getting Started with Mindfulness.”  

Ready to feel centered and rejuvenated? Visit to book a room and start planning your DIY wellness retreat.