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7 Reasons to Have Thanksgiving Dinner at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

The holidays are stressful. Burnt rolls, traffic jams, and fussy eaters take all the fun out of the most wonderful time of the year – so why not make it a truly happy Thanksgiving by dining with Red Jacket Mountain View Resort on November 22? We'll give you seven solid reasons to bolster our argument.


1. No prep work necessary

As family members begin arriving to celebrate the unofficial start of the holiday season, you'll be able to enjoy their company instead of straining the gravy bits or carving the unruly turkey. Share a table, break bread, reminisce about the good ol' days and make new memories (and maybe even start a new tradition) while overlooking the White Mountains from our resort.

2. There's something for everyone...

Our Thanksgiving buffet packs a one-two punch: a buffet overflowing with Thanksgiving staples like green bean casserole, creamed onions – and of course mashed potatoes, with a carving station where you can snag both turkey and sirloin. Pro tip: The ham is at the buffet – make sure to leave room on your plate for one more protein.

3. ...Even picky kids 

We get it – turkey isn't for everyone. For kids who want to eat their favorite foods for Thanksgiving, we have a kids buffet, complete with chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese, and tater tots. Kids dine for just $15.95 (ages 3-12).

4. You can choose from 4 seatings

The restaurant will begin dinner seatings at noon, continuing with an additional three seatings every two hours until 6 p.m., with four seatings in total (noon, 2 p.m., 4 p.m., 6 p.m.), leaving plenty of time to go home, take a nap and watch some football, no matter when you dine.

5. The resort is open and fully operational

If you really want to take the stress out of the holiday, plan ahead and book our Thanksgiving package, which includes two nights accommodations, breakfast each morning, Thanksgiving dinner reservations, and to top it all off: tickets to our indoor, on-site water park, Kahuna Laguna, where it is always 84 degrees. Thanksgiving planning never felt this good!

6. No dishes to wash or hard-to-sell leftovers

Have you ever tried to pack Thanksgiving leftovers into your fridge and realized you're never going to make it work? No need to play Tupperware Tetris this year. Leave Red Jacket Mountain View without needing to do a single dish or push any leftover squash on your family.

7. You'll actually enjoy the meal

Here's the kicker: Without the stress that goes into planning your meal, we're positive you'll actually be able to enjoy the food and the company of your friends and family.  

Leave the stress to your neighbors who are already rolling out pie dough and reviewing circulars for the best turkey deals. Give us a call at 603-356-5411 (ext. 542) to book your Thanksgiving at Red Jacket Mountain View today!