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5 Instagram-Worthy Photo Locations in North Conway, NH

May 19 2021

Vacation photos are always fun to share with family and friends in photo albums or online. And if they're “Insta”-worthy, all the better! Here are five of our favorite spots to take awe-inspiring photos during any season. Tour them all on your next trip to North Conway. And don't forget to tag us #redjacketresorts – we'd love to see your best shots!

Conway Scenic Railroad
Dan Houde
Dan Houde

1. Scenic Overlook

A big part of the Mount Washington Valley is . . . you guessed it . . . Mount Washington! If you aren't planning to hike it or drive it, just travel three miles north of North Conway Village on Route 16/302 and you'll see the Scenic Overlook Intervale with ideal panoramic views of Mt. Washington. There's plenty of parking so your whole family can hop out of the car for a few photos with the iconic mountain in the distance.

2. Diana's Baths

Diana's Baths feature a cascading 75-foot drop with rocks that are sculptured by the falling waters. Located on the North Conway/Bartlett town line on West Side Road, park your car in the designated lot ($5 fee) and walk the manageable half-mile path to the waterfall. Once at the falls, perch on a flat rock for a picnic lunch in the nice weather (but be careful of the slippery slopes during the winter) and you'll be surrounded by photo inspiration. Also keep an eye out for the remains of an old sawmill, which adds to the beauty of the location.

Cathedral Ledge
Dan Houde

3. Cathedral Ledge

You can't get a more beautiful shot of the Mount Washington Valley than from Cathedral Ledge. During spring, summer, and fall you can take a road that brings you right to the top of the ledge. In the winter, the road is closed off to vehicles, so you will have to take the 1.2 mile hike up to the ledge instead.  Once you make it to the top, there is a partially-fenced lookout with a view of the valley and Echo Lake. Get out your camera (or phone) and snap a few winners that will make your Instagram followers envious!

4. Covered Bridges

Covered bridges are quintessential New England landmarks and there are two beauties within a short drive of Red Jacket Mountain View Resort. Drive south about 5 miles down Rte. 16/302 and turn onto Rte. 113 to find the Saco River Covered Bridge, which crosses the Saco River, allowing for just one vehicle through at a time. Built in 1890, it is constructed with arches and includes a pedestrian sidewalk on either side.  It's the perfect location to take a picture, but watch out for traffic, which can be busy at times.  If you're looking for a quieter spot, the Swift River Covered Bridge is right around the corner. It is closed to traffic and located in a park, which allows more time to set up the right shot.  It was also built in 1890, replacing the original which was destroyed in a flood in 1869.

Red Jacket Mountain View Chair

5. North Conway Scenic Railway Station/Schouler Park

Take a step back in time at the North Conway Scenic Railway Station. Built in 1874, the station served the village of North Conway for 87 years. Restored in 1996, the station has a Russian-inspired Victorian-style design and has a gift shop, ticket office, and waiting rooms. Located directly in front of the railway station is Schouler Park, which is one of the most popular destinations for residents and visitors of North Conway. The park hosts the annual 4th of July celebration and is busy with its recreational space during the spring, summer, and fall. In the winter, the baseball diamond turns into an ice skating rink and lights up beautifully at night. Stand in Schouler Park close to the main street shops for a panoramic view of the station with the mountains behind it. Or, if time is on your side, hop onboard one of the old-fashioned trains for a journey along a historic rail route, taking pictures from the train as you make your way through the valley.

BONUS Tips: Grab Instagram-worthy pics right at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort. When you reserve a Mountain View Guest Room, your shot is easy as right out your window! Or, gather your whole crew and pile into the resort's giant Adirondack chair, located next to the outdoor pool! With the resort's name stamped on the chair, you'll not only be able to get a great picture, but you will always remember the fun time you had on vacation.

Mountain View Guest Room View