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Admission & Day Passes

Kahuna Laguna Water Park is open to resort guests, and a limited number of day passes are available for people not staying at the resort.

Color-coded wristbands are required for water park access, and guests wishing to leave the park and return later will be readmitted with their wristband. Guests found giving their wristband to another person for entrance into the water park will be prohibited from re-entering the water park.

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Rates & Hours 

Water park hours vary by time of, and the park closes daily from 10 a.m.–11 a.m. for routine maintenance.  At the management’s discretion, the water park may be closed for special events.

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Temperature of the Water Park

The air temperature of Kahuna Laguna is heated to 84 degrees, and the water temperature is at 82 degrees, year-round. Kahuna Laguna’s 25-person hot tub is heated to 102 degrees.

Age and Height Requirements

You must be 48” tall to ride the two body slides. If you are between 42–48” tall, you may ride the red and yellow raft slides with someone over 48” tall, on a two-person raft with a life jacket on. For safety reasons, children under 42” are excluded from any of the 3-story slides and must remain in the main level area.

The Little Kahuna Kids’ Play Area features a triple slide, lemon drop swings, and gurgling springs and geysers. Children under 14 years of age must be accompanied by an adult at all times, and no more than 4 children may be under the supervision of 1 adult. Children under 6 must be accompanied by a participating adult within an arm’s reach at all times.

Lockers and Changing Rooms

Lockers, restrooms, changing areas, and swimsuit spinners that fast-dry a suit in 10 seconds are available. Lockers are for daily use only; all items left overnight will be removed and stored. Please keep track of your key. There is a $20 charge for replacement keys.


Multiple lifeguards with special water park certification are on duty whenever the park is open. In an ongoing effort to ensure guest safety and enjoyment, Red Jacket Mountain View Resort has partnered with Jeff Ellis & Associates, a private consulting firm specializing in aquatic risk management. To keep our standards and practices at the highest possible levels, we hold a number of drills and skills tests during hours of operation. In addition, Ellis & Associates performs unannounced operational audits during the year to test staff in scanning techniques, rescue skills, and their ability to respond to an aquatic emergency. Please be sure that non-swimmers or weak swimmers wear life vests (provided in the park). Safety rules are posted at each attraction. Monitoring your child/children remains your responsibility even when lifeguards are present.

We want you to have a fun and safe day at the water park, and lifeguards have the final say on all safety issues. This is a family environment: vulgar language, running, pushing, or shoving will not be tolerated. DIVING IS PROHIBITED! Please do not abuse rides, lounge chairs, park property, staff, or each other.

If you have any questions regarding our risk management program, please contact Alex Johnson, Aquatic Director, at

Food and Drinks

The Tiki Tide Cafe has a variety of popular lunch items, snacks, and drinks for adults and children.

For safety reasons, glass containers, coolers, ice chests, and outside food and beverages of any kind are not permitted inside the park. Bottles brought into the water park for infants must be plastic. No eating or drinking is allowed in the pools or near the pool edge. Chewing gum, smoking, and use of tobacco products or e-cigarettes/vaporizers are not allowed anywhere in the park.

Clothing Guidelines

Anyone entering the water must wear proper swimming attire. Cutoffs and provocative or thong swimwear are not allowed. Swimming attire with metal of any kind (buckles, rivets, grommets, etc.) is not permitted since the metal may damage ride surfaces. Swimwear or attire with vulgar or profane messages, or that is considered by park staff to be inappropriate for a family environment, is not allowed. Guests using the water park are asked to wear proper attire, including footwear, in all public spaces of the resort.

Children in Diapers

For health reasons, children who are not toilet-trained must wear a swim diaper; you may bring your own or purchase them in the park. Restrooms have changing facilities for small children and changing children poolside is prohibited.

Towels and Life Jackets

Complimentary towels and life jackets are provided. Life jackets not returned by check-out will be charged to your room. Guests are welcome to bring their own Coast Guard-approved life jacket for their visit.

Chlorinated Water

To ensure the best water quality possible, all pools in the water park are chlorinated, filtered and UV-sterilized. Pools are tested several times every day to verify that water quality is within safe limits set by state and local agencies. People who are sensitive to chlorinated pool water should refrain from using the water park. Kahuna Laguna is not responsible for discoloration to any garment, nor for any skin irritation that may occur due to prolonged exposure to pool water.

Rafts and Beach Toys

Other than approved life jackets issued in the park, the use of any floatation device such as rafts, inner tubes, inflatables, “noodles,” kick boards, boogie boards, and toys of any kind are prohibited.

Pets in the Water Park

While the resort is dog-friendly, no pets of any kind are allowed in the water park, with the exception of service animals.

Knowing Your Limits

Be safe and know your own limitations. People who are pregnant or have a pre-existing medical condition that may be aggravated by brisk movement or heated water, or who are sensitive to chlorinated pool water, should refrain from using the water park. Do not enter the water if you have an open cut or communicable disease. Please shower before entering the water and after use of toilet facilities.

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