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Miles of newly cleared trails starting from Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

Who’s ready for some outdoor winter fun? It’s snowmobile season and “sledders” from beginners to experts are excited to hit the snowy trails of New Hampshire!

At Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, we are especially excited about this season since there are miles of newly-cleared and beautifully groomed trails starting right at our back door, thanks to the work of the Mountain Meadow Riders Snowmobile Club (MMRSC) is 250 members strong and one of more than 110 snowmobiles clubs maintaining over 7,000 miles of trails throughout the state, according to the New Hampshire Snowmobile Association (NHSA).

Snowmobiling in North Conway

We recently spoke with Trail Master, Colin Preece, to get the lowdown on all things snowmobile and this season is off to a fantastic start with all the snow in the area. We want to share with all our guests the many benefits of snowmobiling, whether you are a longtime snowmobile owner or trying the sport for the first time.

The MMRSC maintains 60 miles of trails in the Conway vicinity including those at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort and also connects with many trails from other clubs. The trail system in New Hampshire is open from December 15th through April 15th as long as there are at least 8 inches of groomable snow on the ground. Trails are groomed 5 – 7 times per week by certified groomers on grooming machines, with the optimum grooming time between 9pm and 3am. Certified groomers are usually members of local snowmobile clubs who volunteer for this essential duty.

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Groomed Trails Behind Red Jacket Mountain View Resort

At Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, our guests who bring their own snowmobiles can unload right in our parking lot and get directly onto our groomed trail, which is part of the trail system of the MMSC, with 60 miles of well-marked, groomed trails. There is no charge to ride on the trails, but riders must stay on the well-marked trails. The MMSC works closely with private land owners, the Town of Conway, the Green Hills Preserve Nature Conservancy, White Mountain National Forest and even the Conway Scenic Railroad to make trails available. Trails are well-marked and have junction signs and kiosks with maps to help guide riders along trails, also indicating where to stop for gas or dining.

Alternatives to and Benefits of Snowmobiling

Trails are normally cleared to 12-feet wide and many are for joint use, open to snowmobiles, cross country skiing, snowshoeing and fat tire biking. One recommended route is through East Conway to the top of Black Cat Mountain above Cranmore, offering a stunning 360 degree view. Another scenic option is the ride to the top of Cathedral Ledge. In Conway, a non-motorized option is Pudding Pond, great for snowshoeing.

In addition to having fun, there are many benefits of snowmobiling including the opportunity to be part of nature with the surrounding mountains, lakes and fresh air. It’s also a sociable sport as many riders plan group rides together. It’s an easy sport to learn and a great chance to wear all your layers from bibbed overalls and warm jackets to boots and gloves. Helmets are not required but are highly recommended and worn by most snowmobilers.


Red Jacket Mountain View Resort Northern Extremes Package

So, make the most of New Hampshire’s winter wonderland this year and plan a snowmobiling getaway with family or friends. Bring your own snowmobiles and stay at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort, or if you’re new to snowmobiling, book the Red Jacket’s “Northern Extremes Snowmobile Package”, a one night package which includes a two-hour snowmobile rental through Northern Extremes (ride single or double for same price). You have the option to tour on your own or go with a guide. Additional snowmobiles can be added as an enhancement for $95 each. And don’t forget, you’ll be able to warm up at the Kahuna Laguna indoor water park, on-site at Red Jacket Mountain View Resort and kept at a constant 84 degrees. Truly the best of both worlds!

Book Red Jacket Mountain View Resort’s Northern Extreme Package

Snowmobiles: Owning vs. Renting

For Snowmobile Renters:
When renting snowmobiles, there is no need for a registration as the snowmobiles (also referred to as “sleds”) have already been registered by the rental companies. Most rental companies offer single sleds for one adult rider or “2-Up” sleds for 2 adult riders. Children ages 12+ can ride on their own sled as long as they are following a supervising parent/adult on another sled. Younger children can ride with an adult on the same sled. A valid driver’s license is required to rent snowmobiles.

For Snowmobile Owners:
Snowmobiles must be registered by owners with the state. Registration is $68 per year plus $30 per snowmobile. Members of snowmobile clubs (MMSC membership is $30 per family for the year) simply pay the $68 fee and are able to avoid the $30 per snowmobile charge. Membership in the MMSC also includes insurance, 6 issues of the SnoTraveler publication, club newsletters and the ability to get involved as a volunteer clearing trails or participating in the club’s social activities.