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Houseman Supervisor

Approximately 40 hours weekly.   Seasonal Position vary with start dates  beginning mid-April through mid-June and ending dates vary from Labor Day to October 30.

Job Description Overview

The Houseman Supervisor is focused on overseeing our Housemen to ensure that our public areas are clean in accordance to hotel standards.

The Houseman Supervisor, like all employees, speaks English exclusively with Guests and coworkers while on duty.

Essential Functions

  • Employee must be in uniform daily (with belt), including name tag properly displayed, and properly groomed per hotel standards.
  • At no time are cellular phones allowed to be used during any employee’s work shift. Any employee found using a cellular phone will have the phone immediately confiscated by their supervisor or manager; it may be picked up in the front office at the end of the employee’s shift. The second infraction will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Ensures that all Housemen are also in correct uniform and properly groomed daily.
  • Schedules and carries out daily staff meetings, keeping staff updated on current activities, issues and challenges and hotel status.   Also assigns specific and/or special duties as needed or requested by Director of Housekeeping, General Manager or Assistant General Manager.
  • Constant supervision of the Housemen staff throughout every shift.
  • Cleans and maintains the linen sheds throughout the season.
  • Prepares and oversees scheduling for Housemen staff in conjunction with Director of Housekeeping.
  • Assists Director of Housekeeping in preparing scheduling for Housekeepers staff.
  • Ensures that all public and common areas are maintained by Housemen, including, but not limited to:
    • Guest laundry, soda machine/ice machine areas, “pass-throughs” and exterior staircases at Riviera Beach
    • Decks and hallways outside of Riviera rooms
  • Ensure confidentiality of hotelsGuests.
  • Ensure security of Guest room access and hotel property.
  • Exhibit a friendly, helpful and courteous manner when dealing with Guests and fellow employees.
  • Perform any other project as assigned by Supervisor or Manager.
  • Understands and practices the “15-10-5” rule – when encountering a Guest, at 15 feet, makes eye contact; at 10 feet smiles and at 5 feet says “good morning/afternoon/evening”.  Enquires about Guest satisfaction whenever possible and thanks the Guest for staying with us

Physical Requirements

To perform this job must have the ability to lift 100 pounds and push or pull 250 pounds of equipment.

Uniform Requirements

Uniform top and slacks provided, employee must furnish black non-logoed shoes which provide adequate foot protection and are slip-resistant.

Working Environment

Guest rooms, Guest and service corridors, public spaces and outdoors.