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Approximately 40 hours weekly.   Seasonal Position vary with start dates  beginning mid-April through mid-June and ending dates vary from Labor Day to October 30.

Job Description Overview

The Houseman is focused in assisting our room attendants and ensuring that our public areas are clean in accordance to hotel standards.   Housemen are responsible for maintaining and stocking the inventory of linens and supplies used by the housekeeping department and ensuring that dirty linens are placed in the appropriate and specified locations for pickup and that clean linens, upon receipt, are placed in the appropriate and specified locations.

Housemen, like all employees, speak English exclusively with Guests and coworkers while on duty.

Essential Functions

  • Employee must be in uniform daily (with belt), including name tag properly displayed, and properly groomed per hotel standards.
  • At no time are cellular phones allowed to be used during any employee’s work shift. Any employee found using a cellular phone will have the phone immediately confiscated by their supervisor or manager; it may be picked up in the front office at the end of the employee’s shift. The second infraction will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Transport linens and supplies as needed.   Dirty linen emptied into bins and moved to appropriate laundry shed prior to arrival of the laundry service truck daily.   Keep bins tidy and in order, facing openings away from Guest view.
  •  Meets and received incoming linen delivery truck and assists in unloading and puts bins away in the laundry sheds.   Ensures that laundry sheds are closed at night and everything put away inside.
  • Receives and puts away incoming paper goods and supplies orders – inventory placed into proper storage area.
  • Use correct cleaning chemicals for designated surfaces.
  • Review assignment sheet and update completed assignments.
  • Inspect condition of all carpet for tears, rips and stains in all public areas and report damages to supervisor.
  • Clean public area and pool bathrooms wiping all bathroom showers, sinks and toilets removing any spots, hair, smears and remove towels and trash.   All supplies present and fully stocked.   Sweep and mop all public area bathroom floors.   Areas include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Guest laundry
    • Soda machine/ice machine areas (including tops of machines)
    • “Pass-throughs” at Riviera Beach Resort
    • Exterior staircases at Riviera using backpack-type vacuum
    • Decks and hallways outside of Riviera rooms
  •  Wipe down all counters, ledges, equipment, appliances, pictures, fixtures in public and common areas.   Remove all dust, debris and foreign particles from all common areas.
  • Empty trash containers and place in designated area (dumpster).
  • Report any Guest issues to supervisor.
  • Report any damages or maintenance problems to the supervisor.
  • Turn over any lost and found items to the supervisor.
  • Ensure confidentiality of hotels Guests.
  • Ensure security of Guest room access and hotel property.   Never open any Guest room for anyone other than the registered Guest.
  • Exhibit a friendly, helpful and courteous manner when dealing with Guests and fellow employees.
  • Works independently, not in groups.
  • Keep storage closets stocked organized and free of debris.
  • Perform any other project as assigned by Supervisor or Manager.
  • Understands and practices the “15-10-5” rule – when encountering a Guest, at 15 feet, makes eye contact; at 10 feet smiles and at 5 feet says “good morning/afternoon/evening”.  Enquires about Guest satisfaction whenever possible and thanks the Guest for staying with us.

Physical Requirements

To perform this job must have the ability to lift 100 pounds and push or pull 250 pounds of equipment.

Uniform Requirements

Uniform top and slacks provided, employee must furnish black non-logoed shoes which provide adequate foot protection and are slip-resistant.

Working Environment

Guest rooms, Guest and service corridors, public spaces and outdoors.